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> On the rest of your rant, I agree that the beginner experience for
> Zope 3 is suboptimal. Work is slowly progressing towards a new website
> for Zope. As an alternative you might like to look at Grok
> (grok.zope.org), which is based on Zope 3 as well but may be somewhat
> easier to get started with. That said, our documentation is far from
> complete yet, and we don't have a forum either. :)

I've been poking around the edges of Plone for a while and Plone3 makes
the learning wall even steeper than Plone 2.  So last weekend I got
Grok, followed the tutorial, and had an application up in a day that
took me a week in Plone3.  Grok seems a great way for me to get into
Zope without worrying about all the details yet. 

Kudos to the Grok team for such a pleasant product, and for some REALLY
good tutorials.  Thanks!
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