On Mar 27, 2008, at 18:26 , Kurt Zitze wrote:
if you want to raise the userbase of zope, the first and most obvious thing to do is, get a forum running! mailing lists are bu******* and completly out of date.

If you want to be taken seriously ranting doesn't help.

My own impression in the never-ending mailing list versus web forum battle battle, at least when it comes to Open Source software, has been that mailing lists are more common, and if there are web forums they do tend to be "newbie ghettos" as Andreas mentioned.

From your argument about cumbersone logins to mail accounts it appears you dislike mailing lists because you use some free web-based email provider. Well, get a real email account and use it with a real email client, and all that will be gone.

Me personally, I like the "messages come to me"-nature of a list as opposed to the "I have to click my way through some web interface"- tedium on websites.


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