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if you want to raise the userbase of zope, the first and most obvious
thing to do is, get a forum running! mailing lists are bu******* and
completly out of date. it is max cumbersome to login into your email
account to do a post and so on, i think i dont need to enumerate all the
disadvantages of a mailing list compared to a forum. i am even not aware
of how to replay to a certain message with this mailing list. why make it
difficult if it could be easy? just get a forum and you have done 50% of
the things you could do to improve the development experience with zope.

Almost all open-source projects use email and mailinglist for communiction.
At least developers and advanced users use this media. That's why you won't see advanced users in web-based forums. Means the web forums are often ghetto for newbies. If you need a web forum so you're free to open an. But I would expect that not a lot of the competent people are interested in dealing with yet another support channel. Sorry, but mailinglists are the primary information and support channel in the open-world...there were you meet the experts.


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