On 9/6/14, 9:27 PM, Andreas Jung wrote:
>  without citing the source 

My Apologies.  Here it is.


I quote:

I’m having to read through the Pyramid source code trying to figure out
what the heck is going on with configuration.
At it’s heart, the problem with Pyramid is also what makes it great: 
They don’t prescribe any one way to do anything.

On 9/6/14, 9:27 PM, Andreas Jung wrote:
> > Worse yet that code has been optimized making it even harder to understand.
> >
> So much bullshit,

Well for this one, I will just quote from
"Defending Pyramid's Design"
presumably written by ChrisM himself.


  "We optimize Pyramid aggressively. This comes at a cost: the core code
has sections that could be expressed more readably. As an amelioration,
we’ve commented these sections liberally."

And that is the author's presumably generous description. 

So is ChrisM also a bullshitter?   Then I am in good company. 

I really do have the highest respect for ChrisM, and Pyramid.  And I do
think it is a valid choice to use a tool that keeps your options open. 
But there is also a valid choice to have a certain way of doing
things.   There is a philosophical difference between Grok and Pyramid,
and it is important that someone points it out.  I think of Grok as more
of a purist approach. 

I like grok. 

Thank you for encouraging a lively discussion. 

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