"J. Atwood" wrote:
> I guess my major concern (and mosts) would be that one of the reasons
> we like Python/Zope/OO is that it is not Perl and does not have all
> that quirky structure and if you introduce Perl into Zope it would be
> like throwing a pair of red socks in your white wash, we all go pink.

I like that metaphor :-)

> After some thought last night (no sleep loss) I could see it working
> in the way of a product or a Perl Method and not disturbing the DTML
> code (please don't do this).

Yup. In the same way we have Python Methods, External Methods & DTML
But no Perl 'Products' and certainly no perl in other Zope code. That
would be bad.
But from reading the FAQ that seems to be what is happening. In which
case, 'cool :-)'

> The end result though is that if we can get the Perl community to
> start using/developing on Zope it is a big win. My inner secret hope
> is that once all the Perl Jocks see some nice Python/DTML code they
> will never want to go back. :)

Well, you can lead a horse to water but perl horses might just sit there
chewing leaves to get their water nonetheless :(



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