This will be my last mail on this.. strong opinions ahead, and they
aren't representative of anybody but me.

> I have to say, I'm not convinced it is. Providing Perl methods is like
> drilling a hole through a dyke wall. By getting loads of perl
> programmers on board, you suddenly have a large userbase wishing they
> can do more in perl, so you implement perl products. (yes, 
> I've read the
> FAQ too, hence my politicians comment...)

I doubt DC would do it.  The Perl community might.  But that's open
source.  If someone wants it bad enough, it'll be done.  That doesn't
mean you should use it.
> This userbase gets into hacking the core and bring perl into there.

DC still controls CVS.  I doubt this would happen, there'd be no reason
for it.  

> Suddenly Zope is a total mess of perl and python and the 
> whole community
> shifts onto something cleaner leaving DC high and dry and spoiling a
> perfect solution...

It's far from perfect now.  It's quite nice.  But perfect, no.  There
are *lots* of smart Perl people, and personally I look forward to seeing
some of them join the community.  It'll give more exposure to Zope.
Maybe it'll give more exposure to Python, even.  To me, the "dont even
talk to me about Perl" attitude smacks of illogic and unearned elitism.
It's silly and immature.

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