> > I find the whole 'perl will pollute us' mentality quite disappointing,
> > it's worse than a bunch of school girls arguing over which all boy
> > band is best.
> You never seen blokes arguing over which girl band is best ;-)

It's a coin flip between Kittie and L7 IMHO, anyone who disagrees can meet
me outside to discuss it ;-)
> I agree though since it's a moot point anyway. It's going to happen now
> and we just have to live with it :S

Yep, seriously I think it's only a problem if people make it a problem. At
the moment the "evil" threat of Perl is on the horizon, it's not here so
there's plenty of time to prepare. You don't have to go the Perl route,
but if you're worried that <insert your non-Python language of choice
here> is going to be a negative influence, which to me suggests doubt
about Zope and Python IMHO, then educate people as to how to use YNPLOC in
a way that matches the Zope philosophy.

It's not worth arguing about, we're all united by Zope aren't we?


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