Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote:
> +----[ Chris McDonough ]---------------------------------------------
> | This is pretty silly.
> I agree, it got silly about 8 hours ago.
> I don't think I've ever seen paranoia and religious fervour mixed in
> quite the same way before. Anyone would think that people think that
> python is inadequate as a language.

Right; it's more likely the Perlers that do come in (if they will at all!)
will learn Python.

Legitimate worry 1: If the Perlers *do* come in and *don't* switch to
Python soon, we'll run into Zope sites half written in Perl. That may
be unpleasant for people to deal with.

This is possibly not a big deal; it's unlikely the Perl group will
become dominant anyway. This does beg the question why Perl support
is put in at all; if the DC people believe this *too*, they're adding
a feature that's not even intended to be used as a feature, but is more
like a marketing device for Zope.

Legitimate worry 2: In order to support Perl, the Zope Python sources
will be hacked up and certain new limitations/weirdnesses are introduced.

This could be mitigated by *generalizing* the interface with other
languages. Not just put in Perl specific patches. Clean interfaces and
componentization are the key here.



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