>>>>> "KD" == Kevin Dangoor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    KD> I think Zope offers a ton of features that I wouldn't want to
    KD> give up. (And I've been watching what the other servers out
    KD> there are doing, and I still appreciate the power given by
    KD> Zope.)

I don't question at all that zope is awesome.

    KD> I haven't heard of anyone standing up and saying "I'm not
    KD> going to use Linux, because people might write tools in perl
    KD> [or awk, or C, or lisp, or sh, or yacc or postscript, or ...]"
    KD> Perhaps that's a better way to look at Zope... not as a python
    KD> web application, but as a high-level OS extension for dynamic
    KD> web applications.

Well, I don't think that analogy applies directly.  People will ask,
"do you know zope", and in order to say yes - I will need to know
perl.  The answer "yes except for the perl bits" won't fly with an
employer.  Linux is different.  Saying "I know linux" generally means
you know how to administer it - not how to code in every language
available to it.  When looking for a coding job - they hire based on
what language you know - not what OS.  For zope, you will just have to
"know zope" - employers will see "zope" and a language just like
parents see "understanding computers" as knowing how to fix their windows
boxes :)

We have a lot of former perl coders here and they won't be able to
resist the new fancy perl methods.  And within a short while we will
have a body code dung.

Perhaps this is a disadvantage to the DC company-owned open-source
project model.  They will make bad decisions based on potential

XEmacs has managed to fend of perl (and python) support.  I have heard
close to the same argument there that I have made here, basically.
Another language adds little benefit and much complexity for someone
who will have to maintain code on the platform.

I don't buy this bit about being able to access 1000's of wonderful
perl modules.  Most people that I know who have made the switched at
how much better the python library is the perl's.


Sorry for being a tad emotional here.  I'm sure I will calm down -
it's just that yesterday I was one of the most adamant Zope evangelist
around.  Today...

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