Here is why I'm bummed about this.  Like other people who have posted
- after years of coding perl for money, I have vowed never to do it
again.  (I find that it produces encourages unmaintainable code.)
Also, I think my main marketable skill now is Zope.  So, were I to
want to find a different job now coding Zope - perl will be expected
to be in my skill set.  Other companies using zope will almost
certainly have perl methods laying around that need to be maintained.
So, basically, in order to find a job using zope - I'll have to
relearn, and code in perl at that job.

So, I believe this is enough reason for me to start considering other
web technologies for me, and my company.


>>>>> "PE" == Paul Everitt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    PE> Howdy gang.  Below is an announcement that we'll start
    PE> distributing over the next 24 hours.  I wanted to let you
    PE> folks see it first.  In summary: Perl Methods.

    PE> This isn't a press release, which we'll be doing in the run-up
    PE> to the O'Reilly Open Source conference in July, when the code
    PE> is closer to being available.

    PE> -----------

    PE> Digital Creations, creators of the Open Source Zope
    PE> application server, announced today that it is teaming with
    PE> ActiveState, a leading provider of Internet programming
    PE> software, to make Perl a scripting language for Zope.

    PE> Perl is the predominant scripting language for Internet
    PE> applications and is a key success story for the Open Source
    PE> software movement. Zope is written in Python, the fastest
    PE> growing Open Source scripting language.

    PE> "It is clear that the strength of Zope realizes the future
    PE> architecture of the Web," says Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital
    PE> Creations. "This dynamic architecture, and the people working
    PE> with it, are a fantastic match for scripting languages. Thus
    PE> it is natural that Digital Creations would team with
    PE> ActiveState to make Perl a scripting language for Zope."

    PE> "Zope is a powerful content management system that we use
    PE> internally," said Dick Hardt, CEO of ActiveState. "By adding
    PE> the power of Perl to Zope, we will be able to leverage all the
    PE> existing Perl technology that we have as well as bring the
    PE> worlds of Python and Perl closer together."

    PE> Under this agreement, ActiveState will get Python and Perl to
    PE> run in the same application. More specifically, Perl
    PE> programmers can code critical pieces of business logic in Zope
    PE> solutions.

    PE> "The Perl for Zope project brings the worlds of the two most
    PE> important open source programming languages together," stated
    PE> Gisle Aas, Senior Developer, ActiveState. "Python programmers
    PE> will be able to directly take advantage of the large
    PE> collection of reusable Perl program modules, like DBI, found
    PE> on CPAN.  Perl programmers will be able to program and
    PE> customize the Zope web application server using their favorite
    PE> language."

    PE> The initial developer release of Perl For Zope will coincide
    PE> with the O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention in July
    PE> 2000.  For more information on the project, please visit the
    PE> Perl For Zope project page at

    PE> Contact Information

    PE>   For Digital Creations, contact Paul Everitt,
    PE> [EMAIL PROTECTED], 540.371.6909x102.  For ActiveState, contact
    PE> Lori Pike, [EMAIL PROTECTED], 604.713.8433.

    PE> --Paul

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    PE> application server
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