On Fri, May 26, 2000 at 02:55:52PM +0000, Oleg Broytmann wrote:
>    Thanks goodness, I am not using Zope on production servers. I use Zope
> only to experiments and understand the technology. Looked good until
> yesterday.
>    On production servers I use pure Python CGIs powered by ZTemplates. I
> think I can add ZPublisher and PersistentCGI without diving into full Zope.
>    Of course, if perl wouldn't hurt Zope as much as I am afraid, I'll
> return to considering to use Zope on production servers. (Most of my sites
> are not interactive - just a "picture"; but there is one that during its
> development through last year became finally highly interactive; the site
> looks like first candidate for Zope and PTK and other Products).

Sorry, if you are giving up this quick I won't stop you, nor miss you.

Zope is a growing platform, and people (not just DC) will add support for more
and more technologies. There is support now for SQL (in many diffrent
dialects), Python, DTML, XML, XML-RPC, LDAP IMAP, SMTP and goodness knows what.
Do you know them all? Darn, I don't even know if above list is complete!

Soon XSLT, SOAP and Perl will join the list. Many more will follow. If an
employer is going to demand from you that you know all of the above or you're
out of a job, well, there are plenty of good jobs out there. And good Zope
skills will come in handy to find a nice job. Knowing a little Perl won't hurt
either, BTW. It's all a question of perspective and profesionalism.

Now, please, can we stop this whole silly argument? Can't we talk about old
terminal types or something, instead?

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