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> > Not yet. I think that O'Reilly doesn't want us to produce any more
> > public versions of the book until it is published. I'm double checking
> > with them right now. Take a look at the copyright verbage on each book
> > page to see what I'm talking about.
> Kinda tough to check out/read/find mistakes in a book that's only
> available as a set of html pages that aren't full text searchable....

This is a really good point.

Just as open source benefits from real-time peer review, so do manuscripts
get better when fresh eyes and minds and go over them.

How about 'releasing' a PDF / HTML Doc with header/footers clearly marked:
'Preview Review copy for Copy-Editing use only. Not for general public or
commercial distribution'

The number of people who are likely to 'bootleg' the Zope book must be tiny.
Most will want to see the book sales thrive, so that Zope grows and gets the
wider recognition it deserves.And to save time and money when developing
Zope projects.
For such sophisticated 'free' software, a well written, well edited book is
a trivial price to pay.

The issue is how to get the best final copy to the printer in timely manner.
Peer review now by skilled expert readers is huge advantage to be tapped. No
matter how good OReilly are as publishers, I doubt they have many Zope
experts in-house at ORA... Because there are not yet that many in the world!

Most people are too busy anyway to be of much help. Anyone who wants to help
adn has the ability to do so should be engaged now not deterred. Everyone
will benefit if you act quickly now. Final stages of proofreading and
tweaking are time consuming adn take many hands and many heads to get right.
When done thoroughly this is the difference which makes a difference,
especially for technical books. Look at how much hideous fast junk is out
there in bookstores now. Look at how many books are a waste of paper and
time and money, simply because they were not properly checked and tuned.

good luck and best wishes
- Jason

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