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>Fred Yankowski wrote:
>> I agree completely that the Zope Book beta will get more reviewers,
>> and better feedback to the authors, if it is available as PDF.  
>A valid point.
>I do not care about the format that much. But what I care about
>is a clear method of referencing the text, to the line or
>paragraph level, so that we can get comments and corrections to
>the authors/copyeditors efficiently.
>A PDF *with page and line numbers* would fit the bill nicely. As
>would a HTML file with paragraph numbers (as HTML comments,
>The point is that we should be able to give meaningful feedback,
>like "page 147, line 15: there should be their" (a totally
>made-up example, do not go hunting for that one).
>It just does not do to quote full sentences and have the
>copyeditor search for all that stuff. Too much wasted time on
>both ends.

I agree about the numbering, but even more I would like to know which
version of Zope the book is supposed to be about. It mentions stuff such
as XSLT methods, perl methods and python methods none of which are in an
official zope. So is there an alpha of this future zope that we could
use to check the book?
Robin Becker

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