Martin Winkler wrote:
>  the object-oriented approach is great for not having
> to search/replace
> anymore. I really do not know any situation where s/r is
> still needed. The
> people who fill in content in our company have
> ZClass-Interfaces, and they
> only insert actual content.

I understand the beauty of object oriented programming and that it also has
some application for content and user interface elements.

But what happens when the random, free form content that your users are
inserting contains errors or has to be globally changed?

Maybe the manufacturers of Spam send your company a lawyer's letter saying
that use of the word 'Spam' on your website infringes on their trademark and
your boss tells you to change every instance of 'Spam' to 'processed meat
product' including all of your heavily trafficked Squishdot discussions, but
not where Spam was used to refer to the Monty Python skit.

What would you do in that situation? Would you have made the word 'Spam' a
variable simply because it was used in more than one location?


Lee Hunter
Hum Communications Ltd.

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