Hi Robin,

   ZCVSMixin works with ZClasses. It's a little cumbersome at the
moment due to the Container/Contained problem and others:


But it does manage ZClass method and properties on the filesystem.
You do need to keep your head screwed on right to use it successfully
with ZClasses right now.... hopefully it will be more 'bullet proof'
in the future.


>>>>> "Robin" == Robin Becker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Robin> In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Daniel
    Robin> Rusch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes
    >> I have been following this thread with mild amusement. Those of
    >> you who don't think that there is any need for a search and
    >> replace are being, at the least, disingenuous. Have you never
    >> needed to replace a dtml var that is on a hundred or more pages
    >> with another one, but replace it only on some of the pages???
    >> The lack of a search and replace, a find that actually "finds"
    >> a string on a page (instead of just the page) and other
    >> standard editor features are the reasons why Zope is being
    >> phased out of this companies (15,000 person worldwide company,
    >> the worlds largest web hosting and fiber optic network) web
    >> tool set.
    Robin> ...  I also would like to be able to search dtml-method
    Robin> code that I put under ZClasses in my products. I can now
    Robin> after a bit of messiness with certain 'reserved' names (eg
    Robin> filtered_meta_types) get out all of the code in my product
    Robin> using ftp, but getting modified versions back is a
    Robin> problem. A source export/import to filesystem would be
    Robin> useful and allow all of the traditional tools to be used at
    Robin> least.  -- Robin Becker

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