Thanks for the interesting URLs on workflow discussions.

Corba Ecommerce has very interesting and thorough models of workflows,
including UML diagrams and even an XML format for defining state machines.

Sorry, this may be old news as I don't have time to follow up the actual
beyond the first messages.

But if not, anyone designing such a system for Zope *must* study the Corba

Email me direct if the URLs haven't been published in the discussions and
I'll be happy to dig them up (hard to find within Or, (easier
me), I can email the (large) .pdf files direct.

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Hi Nicolas,

> For you, when would such products be considered ready for production ?

The most important factor can be viewed from two perspectives,
neither precluding the other.

The ideal state arrives when complete documentation is available,
or at least one person on the deployment team has dug through the
source code enough to inderstand the system thoroughly, and serve
as a guide and mentor to others. Waiting for complete documentation
sounds like a name for a surrealist/existentialist play for geeks.

You may be in a fairly good position to benefit from input from the
the creators of the ZDP Tools. Maik? ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

> If I can have a demonstration rapidly (unfortunately I do not yet know
> Zope personnally but I shall look for help locally), I may even get funds
> to help and foster the complementary developpement.

Also see some recent posts from the Zope-PTK list:

Another thread that you may find interesting:

and don't miss:

It's getting exciting out there!
Jerry S.

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