Am Mittwoch, den 20.07.2005, 19:17 -0500 schrieb George Donnelly:
> Hadar Pedhazur wrote:
> ZC says: the marks were stolen
> ZEA seems to be saying: the marks were registered defensively.
> My read on this is that there is a serious communication problem going
> on here between the lines. Why doesn't Paul come out and state what the
> ZEA position is? Why are ZC's words so angry?
> ZC saying the marks were stolen seems a little over the top. What if ZEA
> registered them defensively? if that's possible then ZEA should be given
> then  benefit of the doubt and not be called a thief. If there was a
> need to register them to protect "zope", then why didn't ZC do it?
> Everybody needs to calm down, stop insulting each other and stop
> broadcasting this problem to the whole world on zope-announce (for
> example). Its making us all look  childish.
> Making either side into the bad guy is not only innacurate but also
> inappropriate and is not conducive to building a community around the
> software we all love and are grateful to ZC and non-ZC related
> programmers alike for, Zope.
+1 this is also my understanding judging from the messages flowing

The statement of ZC indicates they want to transfer their trademark
to ZF and now find the european trademark in other hands. OTOH, why
not just transfer/licence what they have (the .us trademark) and
just agree to ZEA transfer/licence the european trademark to ZF

As I understand, the benefit of a ZF with the source in the hand 
would be to help contributors to defend against patent issues
which you probably cant avoid if you do any development.
So I really like to see ZF founded as soon as possible.

So please ZC and ZEA come together, the community really wants

May I suggest to create a temp not-public-archived mailinglist
to further discuss this issue? 
Tino Wildenhain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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