Hi Phil,

Thanks for your email.

The LDAP error, as it turns out, was from "zkinterbasdb" or something like
that - something I probably picked up thinking it was kinterbase.

Forgive my ignorance, but what was your procedure for installing kinterbase?
I've tried just installing kinterbasDA, which required kinterbasdb. So I've
tried installing kinterbasdb (from an executable, rather than the more
familiar simple compressed file), but I keep getting an ImportError: DLL
load failed when looking at the product in Control_Panel/Products.

The error refers to a line "import _kinterbasdb as _k". I've assumed that
its referring to import _kinterbasdb.pyd, rather than a dll, as thats all
that I can find. I've tried copying it into several places, but I'm assuming
that its compiled by the exe at install time, and is specific to the folder
its placed in. Or I could be completely wrong!

Any hints as to your procedure would be appreciated, as this is getting
frustrating (probably meaning I'm missing stupid things).



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> Hi Ashley,
> Can't help you on the blob front...
> Ashley Lloyd wrote:
> > I've had trouble installing kinterbase (it complains about LDAP..?), so
> > at the moment I use gvib. I've pencilled in quite a bit of time today to
> > try to get kinterbase installed.
> > Unfortunately I'm on Windows, which I'm guessing contributes to the
> > installation problems!
> >
> ...but I can confirm that KIinterbaseDA works nicely on Windows - I've
> been happily using it for some time, and haven't had any issues at all
> (BTW, I don't use LDAP and KInterbaseDA has never mentioned it!). The
> only problem I had at install time was getting my head around the
> distinction between the Python part and the Zope DA part.
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