On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 11:06:35AM -0500, Paul Winkler wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 28, 2005 at 04:29:22PM +0100, Gerhard Schmidt wrote:
> > I don't have exakt numbers. We started with pcgi and had heavy problems 
> > under load. They disapeared with the fastCGI module coming wird zope 2.6
> > i gues. I ve tried mod_proxy back than but had many problems. I can not 
> > test on the Production system as there are 40000 users on the system and
> > we have enougth Problems with Readconflictes and Session problems. 
> I'm not surprised you had problems with PCGI, it was known to be
> extremely slow. AFAIK it ran zope in single-threaded mode so
> concurrency was terrible. 
> It sounds like you have concluded that, because FCGI is faster than
> PCGI, then FCGI must also be faster than mod_rewrite / mod_proxy.
> That's just not logical.

No, I just described the way we came to fastcgi and that it solved some 
of the Problems back than. 

I pretty sure that mod_proxy is much better than pcgi was. But logic 
tells me that it can't be better than fastcgi. Building a new connection 
costs time and CPU power and as the this connections have to be build
for each request the impact grows with the number of requets. 
> p.s. If you're having session problems and read conflicts with 2.6, 
> you should strongly consider upgrading to *at least* 2.7.3 and maybe 2.8.
> Heavy use of sessioning is still not perfect (see Dennis Allison's
> recent threads), but it is *much* better since 2.7.3.
> In addition, ReadConflictErrors are greatly reduced since the
> release of ZODB 3.3, which first shipped with Zope 2.8.

We are running zope 2.7.8 at the moment and working on mirgating to 
2.8.x at the moment exaly for this reasons.


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