On 1/6/06, Andreas Jung <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Python is not a programming language??? huh......the difference is that
> Java is compiled and Python is interpreted

*Bzzzzt* Wrong again. :)

Both Java and Python compile to bytecode, which a virtual machine then
interprets. In Java this step is explicit, Python does the compilation
on the fly on first import.

The distinction between 'scripting' and 'programming' language is
arbitrary and a marketing, what-can-you-use-the-language-for label.
Java is hardly suited for scripting tasks, while Python scales from
scripting all the way up to "enterprise applications" (another
marketing label). I prefer the term 'Agile language'.

This is going to deteriorate into a language flamewar soon, so let's
look at a good Monty Python film instead. I recommend "Life of Brian".

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