Actually, that's not true. Languages such as Perl and Python were designed to write scripts, not to code entire applications. Python is an exception because it can be successfully used to code large applications, unlike some other scripting languages. So it's best to call Python a "scripting programming language" because it has this dual nature. All said and done, I prefer to use Java over Python for large applications simply because it's cleaner and has mechanisms in place that support reusability of components and extensibility. Also, OO concepts such as abstraction and inheritance are well defined in Java.

Also, both compiled and interpreted languages have their advantages and disadvantages.

- Asad

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, Lennart Regebro wrote:

On 1/6/06, Asad Habib <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Well, the class is simply a construct that Java uses to define an object.
Also, the concept of object is well defined in Java which makes it easier
for the programmer to know what can and cannot be done. In Python, it is
not as explicit. Java is a programming language and hence cannot be
compared directly to a scripting language such as Python or PHP. These 2
types are designed for different purposes.

The difference between scripting languages and programming languages
are an illusion. :)

Python is intepreted while Java is compiled. That makes Python
superiour in many ways. ;-)

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