The creator of this Product hasn't returned my email, so I am asking the list for help. I have done the following:

* OS is FreeBSD 6.1, Zope is 2.7.8
* Installed with MaildropHost (also have SecureMailHost). Followed all instructions in MaildropHost. * Installed smtp2zope.py in /var/qmail/bin (I use qmail, so I presume this is correct??).
* Added a new alias in /etc/aliases as per instructions.
* I have an already existing MailHost (although this appears to not be an issue, because of MaildropHost).
* Successfully created and populated a MailBoxer folder.

Now...how does it work?? Surfing to the index page shows an empty archive! How does one subscribe to and email and administer the list?
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