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thx maciej and Jonathan...your answers have helped a lot

Each zope instance can access multiple ZODB's (as Maciej mentions later), which means that the zope instance can access both a shared zodb and a local zodb which is specific to the zope instance.

auaua...i didn't know that ;)...this is really cool. Now the inevitable question - 'Is there any documentation about how to set this up ?' Maybe I just define another <zodb_db> in my zope.conf and mount it into a folder like maciej said and just customize this folder.

To set up multiple mount points you need to edit your zope.conf (to configure the various mount points), then you need to Add 'ZODB Mount Point' via the ZMI at the appropriate location (note: this is for zope 2.7+). You can google for 'zodb mount points' if you need more info.

What i need to do is just create a custom skin on each zope instance to show that it is Manaus,Belem or wherever serving the information but have the same global content shown in each instance. From what you have said it seems this should be possible with a bit of tweaking

You can easily do this by changing the 'display' routines on each zope instance. Another method I have used is to set up URL subdomains for each 'different' entry point and then use Apache rewriting to automagically redirect the user to the correct location within the zope instance (ie. a different folder for each subdomain) - this allows you to have each zope instance be a real 'copy' (and not have to maintain different versions), but it depends on your use case as to which method is most appropriate for you!


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