Mark, Jonathan (Integic) wrote:
I don't know Zope well,

No offence, but that much is apparent ;-)

excellent Squishdot product for three years at Chris
has moved on to other Zope activities and has not upgraded Squishdot
since 2001.

I still use Squishdot heavilly. I committed a whole load of changes at the back end of last year. They're in svn on SourceForge if you want to take a look...

write my own Zope 2.10 blogging product that relies on Web 2.0
concepts of using third parties and web standards (Haloscan, Atom,
CSS ZenGarden, Cheetah templating) to provide what was built in to

Good luck ;-)

 As many of us know, BDFL Guido doesn't seem to think much of

I don't think Guido cares much one way or another...

of Python. There is some truth to that. My goal is to leverage
Zope's ZMI and CMS features while doing as much work as possible in
Python and Python scripts.

Then why are you looking at Zope 2. Zope 3 is where you should be looking...

 I thus object philosophically to ZPT and DTML and hope to avoid

Offence intended, you're nuts ;-) You need some templating system, you've settled on Chettah by the look of it (god knows why, it's horrific from what I remember of it) but it's still a templating system so I have no idea how you can object "philosophically" to ZPT and not Cheetah...

them in my product, which should be released on to a
probably indifferent Zope world some time later this year. I can use
Cheetah as an external method with Python scripts, instead of ZPT
and DTML.

If you're releasing a product, why are you talking about external methods? A Zope 2 product should have no reliance on external methods...

 My attempt to use Chris's Twiddler templating tool as an external

Yup, definitely nuts. I go to the trouble of providing a Zope 2 layer for Twiddler and you don't even try to use it... nice ;-)

instead of Cheetah ran into a problem which I am sure was my

Did you ask on this or the Twiddler mailing list?

Wisdom. Twiddler and Cheetah appear equally wise, so PLR said go
with Cheetah.

Now that I find offensive. If you're using Cheetah, you might as well have stuck with ZPT.

name) to be visible in Python scripts and folder

That's very old school. You need to learn from Zope 2, no keep bashing away at it. My recommendation would be to buy Philipp's Zope 3 book and read it from cover to cover before you start work...

External methods should be only a wrapper to Cheetah and

You should not be using external methods at all...

 My paranoid nature is due to a fear of creating my own product and
finding out that I have left a security hole.

Then you should read up on Zope 2 security and write a Zope 2 product, rather than hacking away blindly with external methods...

By using Eval in my
external method

If you ever ever ever use eval, then you definitely are nuts ;-)



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