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On 25 Feb 2007, at 00:05, Jean Lagarde wrote:
I fully understand that Zope has to be restarted regularly

This may be needed in a situation where you have a memory-hungry application (like Plone), but otherwise there is no general need to restart Zope regularly. My websites run months without restart, and they don't balloon in memory footprint.

My object cache size was initially at the default of 5000 objects per
threads (4 threads default). I reduced this to 2000 just to see, but
as I expected, the overall memory use behavior was the same.

That setting is a little bit misleading. These values represent targets, not hard limits. If a request pulls in a much larger number of objects into memory then that chunk of memory is now held by Python and won't be released, small target value or not.

Overall, my custom memory-use/access-log shows long periods with no
increase in memory at all, but there are some big jumps at times
(during a one minute tick) by 5, 10, even 25 Mb! As pretty much
expected, Zope never gives much memory back to the OS; that part I
understand, however I would like to get it to a state where it mostly
plateaus and then only slowly creeps up.

This is likely to be impossible, especially with large amounts of content. I don't know your application, but I have two sites I know pretty well where content is public, and web crawlers/spiders become the enemy because they cause large chunks of content to be loaded that is not within the normal "window" of content used by normal site users. That's just one specific example where a quick jump in memory footprint can be observed.

Alex and I are volunteers doing this work for a non-profit, so any
ideas or "yep, that's normal, live with it" would be greatly
appreciated! (If the latter answer, I would still like to better
understand where that memory is being used; I still don't understand
how it could be the object cache, which is often cited as the main
cause of memory creep).

You would need to study all the inefficiencies inherent in the content types you use, or all the nasty stuff that gets pulled in for viewing the site furniture shown for every page etc. Very few product authors out there put memory efficiency onto their priority list.


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