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On 25 Feb 2007, at 18:58, Jean Lagarde wrote:
Memory size was at 417640 (Kb) from 03:01:40 to 03:04:41 (for three
minutes). During these three minutes, there were requests for our
front page and apparently everything that accompanies it in Plone,
i.e. the Plone scripts.jss, the style sheets, bunch of icon gifs,
image thumbs the logo.jpg, etc. No memory increase during that time.
At 03:05:41 I logged a memory increase to 422704. Between 03:04:41 and
03:05:41, there was a single request at 03:05:02 for an
image_view_fullscreen. For those unfamiliar with Plone, that is one of
the barest page served: Just an image and a link to go back to Plone
(none of the Plone portlets, etc.). The access log shows that the
number of bytes returned was 1137. There was no GET for the actual
image. There were no memory increase whatsoever for at least the next
30 minutes, and there were a number of other requests during that
time. Now I'm looking for hypotheses to explain the 5Mb memory
increase. Here are some:

Comparing the number of bytes served during a request and how much memory is consumed is a bit naive. You have *no* idea what all needs to be touched internally to serve that one object. The weightier the framework you run on to of Zope, the higher the chance that you're touching a whole lot of more or less related objects to serve the one you're interested in.


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