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On 25 Feb 2007, at 20:07, Jean Lagarde wrote:

3) As for all the baggage that might be tied to an object in the ZODB,
I will admit a lot of naivete there, but Zope's behavior should not be
black magic. In the end, behavior has to be deterministic.

This is a wrong conclusion. This is not Zope behavior. The inefficiencies are in the applications/frameworks on top of Zope.

So to say
that one can have *no* idea of all that needs to be touched internally
is a bit cynical; if I had sufficient time on my hands I could find
out *exactly* what is being touched and where that memory is going. To
throw ones hands in the air and say it's unknowable means that there's
no way to know if something is broken. I will agree though that it may
be very difficult to find out.

I don't think it's cynical, I think it's the only sane thing to do for me. I cannot afford to spend days digging into Plone to find all the problems, I just live with a fact that Plone-based applications tend to be memory hogs, that's all. If you on the other hand have days to spend, good for you.

4) If by "You have *no* idea" you mean I, specifically, have no idea,
but you do, then I partly agree (I know I don't, but I can't tell if
you do from your answers so far). That's why I asked the questions.

I don't have any specific idea where the memory goes, either. I choose the slimmest framework possible to base my sites on, so I hardly ever have to worry about this type of problem.


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