To Dieter: I use HTTP authentication method (at least I suppose that). I don't change anything about the default configuration nor use any cookie at least
What you get when you authenticate: a pop-up window (HTTP authentication) or an html form (Cookie based authentication)?

What I wonder is CrearFuncionalidad works ok but not BorrarFuncionalidad who are launched both in the same way
In the original thread:

you said:

>The question I can't understand is when BorrarFuncionalidad ask for a >login and password I put my user that is manager and owner but the >login don't work (it ask again and again)
>Both scripts has the same parent and the same security permissions

How are you defining the permissions: by checking the "Acquire permission settings?" checkbox or are you implicit defining a role for that permission? In the first case zope will scan the folder hierarchy till it finds a folder where the permission is defined. In the worst case it will reach the root folder where the permission must be either enabled or disabled. So, it can be that somewhere the "Delete Objects" permission was disabled for the "Manager" and "Authenticated" roles. If I were you, I would try to implicit define the "Delete objects" permission in the folder where you want to delete the objects and see if the problem persists.

In your last reply to the other thread:

you asked:
I'm using prototype to launch some actions via AJAX
Could be this the problem?
How can I conservate the user who launch the actions between AJAX calls?

I have never used AJAX, so, I don't know if the user credentials get lost during the call of your AJAX code. Perhaps other people can help here.


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Then try to use another newsreader like Thunderbird (multi platform). If you are on windows you could also try "Outlook Express" as well.
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