Any idea then?

2007/3/12, Garito <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

2007/3/12, Josef Meile <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > To Dieter: I use HTTP authentication method (at least I suppose that).
> I
> > don't change anything about the default configuration nor use any
> cookie
> > at least
> What you get when you authenticate: a pop-up window (HTTP
> authentication) or an html form (Cookie based authentication)?

Finally I use HTTP authentication method (pop-up window)

> What I wonder is CrearFuncionalidad works ok but not BorrarFuncionalidad
> > who are launched both in the same way
> In the original thread:
> you said:
> >The question I can't understand is when BorrarFuncionalidad ask for a
> >login and password I put my user that is manager and owner but the
> >login don't work (it ask again and again)
> >
> >Both scripts has the same parent and the same security permissions
> How are you defining the permissions: by checking the "Acquire
> permission settings?" checkbox or are you implicit defining a role for
> that permission? In the first case zope will scan the folder hierarchy
> till it finds a folder where the permission is defined. In the worst
> case it will reach the root folder where the permission must be either
> enabled or disabled. So, it can be that somewhere the "Delete Objects"
> permission was disabled for the "Manager" and "Authenticated" roles. If
> I were you, I would try to implicit define the "Delete objects"
> permission in the folder where you want to delete the objects and see if
> the problem persists.

I use Acquire permissions (I don't touch anything)
If Manager couldn't delete object at this folder I couldn't delete any
object with ZMI but I can

In your last reply to the other thread:
> you asked:
> """
> I'm using prototype to launch some actions via AJAX
> Could be this the problem?
> How can I conservate the user who launch the actions between AJAX calls?
> """
> I have never used AJAX, so, I don't know if the user credentials get
> lost during the call of your AJAX code. Perhaps other people can help
> here.
> Regards
> Josef
> Out-topic:
> >Fuck$%&ing gmail
> >Sorry all for this stupidity
> Then try to use another newsreader like Thunderbird (multi platform). If
> you are on windows you could also try "Outlook Express" as well.

Sure. But the real question is don't use gmail at least
I try Google Apps for your domain but this was a big error
I'm in the process to install a linux server with all my needs but I'm
newbie with it
For now I disable the hotkeys on gmail to avoid to send unconcluded
messages (as before) . Sorry for the inconveniences (now I need to be
subscribed to this list with two accounts because my main one don't receive
some messages from this list


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