Forgive my ignorance, but not quite sure how to do that. Nonetheless...
1) There was no problem with any of this on the old server until the server crashed. 2) My backups were taken from a time when the old server was was working fine.
3) This problem occurs with *all* my shopping carts, not just this one.
Consequently, I have a hard time believing this is a code error. There *must* be something more fundamental at play here.

Code and configuration often interact. You may find that one or the other was fragile.


I had some problems with the python-eggs, but I don't imagine that's it, since the connection works, I can query the database, etc.

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----- Original Message ----- From: <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> To: <zope@zope.org <mailto:zope@zope.org>> Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 8:55 AM Subject: [Zope] Problem w/ ZMySQLDA > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: <tonylabarbara at aol.com> > To: <zope at zope.org> > Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2007 5:43 PM > Subject: [Zope] Problem w/ ZMySQLDA > > >> > Hi; >> > ? I just built out a new server and transfered my databases. I use Zope >> > to >> > server my web sites and ZMySQLDA to interface between the two. >> > Everything >> > seems >> > to be fine. I can see the databases, the tables, the columns in the >> > tables, the >> > permissions are correct, etc. I hook up ZMySQLDA and that seems to be >> > fine. It >> > connects to the database. However, when I go to look at the pages from >> > served >> > the database, the browser hangs. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? > >> You should have a MySQL_database_connection object in a folder somewhere >> (in >> the ZMI).? The "Status" for this object should say "The database >> connection >> is open".? There is a "Test" tab for this object in which you can enter >> an >> sql query. If this query works ok, then the next step is to test your Z >> SQL >> Method(s). > > Thanks. That clarified a lot. The MySQL query comes back fine. I'm > troubleshooting a complex shop I had a programmer who worked for me > build...so it's not my code...and it's complex ;) I went into the > shopkeeper's side and was able to successfully query the database. I was, > for example, able to display the "cotton" products for editing. However, > when I do essentially_the_same_thing TTW with the following code snippet, > it hangs! > > <tal:block metal:define-macro="content" > ?????????? define="dummy python:request.set('category', 5)"> > > ? <tal:block > metal:use-macro="here/Store/Main_frame_content/macros/content" /> > > </tal:block> > > Furthermore, mytop shows the user is hanging: > ???? 30 mysqluser?????? localhost mrtableclo?????? 473? Sleep > > What should I do next to troubleshoot this? I would test the code outside of tal. Just execute (test) the routine by itself to see what it is returning. A couple of things to check: (i) is the routine receiving the correct input parameters, (ii) is the routine returning what you are expecting.


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