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Hi Tom

to be honest i would much rather use DTML as i understand this but it doesn't
seem to work it only returns the result of the SOAP query when i view the
source code. The SOAPMethod product recommends DTML but I have followed the
example they give and this is what is happening.

>>> I have installed the SOAPMethod and have got it working but i  cannot
>>> get the
>>> result to display. I can only view the result when i look at the
>>> source of
>>> the page.
>>> the dtml Method i am using is written -
>>> <dtml-var expr="requestStudentData('5506239')">
>>> this is what the help that came with the product says to use.
>>> (requestStudentData is the name of the SOAPMethod and "5506239" is >>> the
>>> query
>>> string i am passing to the database.)

If I understand correctly, you are saying that the requestStudentData method is returning the correct information, but that information is not displaying in your web browser, and that you can only see the information returned by requestStudentData if you view the source for the page.

If this is the case, then it sounds like an html/css display problem, not a dtml problem. To verify this, create a dtml method that contains:

<dtml-var "requestStudentData('5506239')">

If the information displays correctly when you click on the View tab for the above dtml method then you know that you have an html/css problem in your original dtml method. If you don't see the correct information, then your 'requestStudentData' method is not functioning correctly.


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