We are using Plone and Zope against a legacy Ingres database, and I found a 
similar problem

using the adapter provided.  I found that the C library modules (open source) 
actually contained

calls to make the adapter work as we wanted, much like our other web interfaces 
which maintain

the db and user permissions info as a "connection", but close the actual query 
after each.  I had

to modify the Python Zope product to set "autocommit" and call the desired 
close in order to get 

the behaviour we were looking for -- keeping the connection, but releasing each 
session so that

 the DB backend does not register an active session between actual queries.

That's open source.  Code terminology for "re-write it".

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Date: Wednesday, June 4, 2008 8:50
Subject: RE: [Zope] Multithreading sessions
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> Dieter,
> Thanks for this input.  Your comments here turned out to be 
> dead on.  The
> problem is the GIL.
> We are currently running Sybase databases using the python 
> Sybase-0.37
> module for data access.
> This module will set the GIL.  So if the query takes any 
> time at all, every
> other session will freeze.  It does release it when the 
> connection is
> closed, but if the query takes awhile it effectively denies 
> service to every
> other session.
> I am just learning about this, but my initial inquiries suggest 
> that the
> only way to achieve true concurrency using a language like 
> python is to
> launch multiple interpreters.
> I don't yet have the solution to my problem, but at least now I 
> know what
> the problem is, and that is half the battle.
> Thanks again, and thanks to everyone's input, it has helped immensely.
> Jon Emmons
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> Subject: Re: [Zope] Multithreading sessions
> Jon Emmons wrote at 2008-5-23 08:58 -0400:
> > ...
> >I am running zope 2.9.4 and have observed that it will not 
> simultaneously>serve pages to my users.
> Usually, it does.
> I have seen database adapter packages (an old "psycopg" version, 
> to be
> precise) that forgot to release the GIL for some operations.
> Then Zope freezes while these operations are executed.
> A surprising report of a similar kind was: while Zope's embedded
> profiler is in use, Zope effectively runs in single thread mode (such
> that other threads do not distort the timing results).
> Probably not your problem ... but who knows.
> Further potential reasons (for almost surely not responsible for your
> current problem:
>   Expensive operations implemented in "C" (such as 
> operations on huge
>   strings)
>   Creating excessive amounts of objects (causing lots
>   of generation 2 garbage collections which hold the GIL)
> -- 
> Dieter
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