Review: Needs Fixing

- In DynamicLoader::loadModule the code to create the Module is redundant and 
should be factorized
- Why is DECLARE_ZORBA_JAR in cmake_modules/ZorbaModule.cmake commented out? 
Should it be removed?
- Why did the file src/store/naive/store_properties.h change? I think Markos 
has disabled the generation in the trunk. We have to be careful that nothing is 
removed by this merge (same for all properties).
  For example,
88      -"--no-copy-optim\napply the no-copy optimization (1=enabled (default), 
1089    -"--serialize-only-query\nserialize-only-query (<0=unknown (default), 
1=enabled, 0=off)\n\n"
1090    +"--no-copy-optim\nno copy optim (1=enabled (default), 0=off)\n\n"
1091    +"--serialize-only-query\nserialize-only query (1=true, 0=false 

causes the unknown option for the serialize-only-query param to disappear

- commit of src/util/win32/dirent.h should be mentioned in NOTICE.xml
- I don't really like the name serializeToOutputStream. Why can't it just be 
serialize with one parameter?
- there is a todo left "# todo cezar compile and jar it up"
- I didn't find a test for the new serializeToOutputStream or getStream 
functions? I think it would be good to have some tests.
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