Fred Drake wrote:
Thomas Lotze reported that using the TAL interpreter from Zope 3 with
strictinsert=True (the default when using it directly) fails
miserably.  It's entirely possible that this has been a problem for
some time due to the nature of the failure.

When strictinsert is true, the TAL interpreter attempts to parse the
text in structure insertions (tal:content="structure ..." and
tal:replace="structure ...") and further interpret any markup found
there.  Some time ago we determined that this behavior didn't make any
sense, but the code didn't need to change because the application
could just pass strictinsert=False.

I don't use it, but wouldn't strictinsert have been intended to protect the XML/HTML validity of the source? That is, shouldn't it parse the structure, but not special TAL constructs, thus ensuring that using structure doesn't mess up your XML?

I don't personally use it, though, nor am I likely to. Unless, I suppose, I was really generating XML, or was planning on pushing the output through an XML pipeline -- then it would be quite nice, I imagine, to catch the bug early.

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