Ian Bicking wrote at 2005-9-20 10:30 -0500:
>Fred Drake wrote:
>> Thomas Lotze reported that using the TAL interpreter from Zope 3 with
>> strictinsert=True (the default when using it directly) fails
>> miserably.  It's entirely possible that this has been a problem for
>> some time due to the nature of the failure.
>> When strictinsert is true, the TAL interpreter attempts to parse the
>> text in structure insertions (tal:content="structure ..." and
>> tal:replace="structure ...") and further interpret any markup found
>> there.  Some time ago we determined that this behavior didn't make any
>> sense, but the code didn't need to change because the application
>> could just pass strictinsert=False.
>I don't use it, but wouldn't strictinsert have been intended to protect 
>the XML/HTML validity of the source?  That is, shouldn't it parse the 
>structure, but not special TAL constructs, thus ensuring that using 
>structure doesn't mess up your XML?

Funny, to control such a functionality with a parameter called
Looks like a badly chosen name.

>From my point of view, it can go away.

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