Nicolas Georgakopoulos wrote:

I have a page that users fill info and a  button to submit that info.
When the button is pressed I want to create a file with some text
content. 1.How can I create a file to send it by mail ?
2.When I have send the file by mail I want the file to be deleted.
How I delete a file?

The file I want to create must be text file with unicode support.
you need to use the stringIO module, which means an external method

...or appropriate security declarations.

What Nicolas really wants is MailTemplates, or at worst, python's email package (which MailTemplates prodvides security declarations for) but he's run into some problems and seems reluctant to try and help me figure out where he's going wrong.

He seems to prefer, instead, to rehash complete discussions on the wrong list rather than actually trying to work through one solution to its conclusion ;-)


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