On Fri, Mar 25, 2016 at 04:00:19PM -0600, Jaimos Skriletz wrote:
> Hello, I have offered to help migrate the fvwm.org to something more
> maintainable as this is something Thomas was wanting help with in #fvwm.

Hi Jaimos,

> I am unsure on a lot of the details about how the current site is
> generated, who controls the domain name fvwm.org, and what any current or
> future plans for the site are, but offered to help in any migration.

So the domain is controlled by "us", but in reality, it's Jason who's
responsible for that.

The fvwm-web documentation (if you can call it that) is found here:


Note the scripts (I've mentioned them in other threads here) which link
through to the fvwm repo.  That's an aspect we have to change---what's needed
on the website stays in the website, so if we have to move files into that,

Other than that, everything is in PHP.  When the website is updated (currently
with 'cvs update') then that's polled sometime later via a cronscript which
makes the content live on fvwm.org

> Thomas mentioned wanting to move it to git-hub and generating it from
> markdown using jekyll. So I offered to learn jekyll and convert the current
> site to a static site written in markdown. I was just going to do this all
> locally and see what I am able to get done in figuring out how to customize
> a site with jekyll.
> So this email is just to let you know that I'm looking at what it would
> take to move the site to markdown and use jekyll to generate a static copy.
> I'm thinking once I get it configured a lot of copying and pasting, but
> I'll have to get back to the jekyll docs to figure out more.


-- Thomas Adam

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