Klaus Ethgen <klaus+gee...@ethgen.de> writes:

> I now set version in configure.in using the short commit release.
> That is not perfect as it will not be rebuild with a subsequent make but
> at least it is a start.
> For Release this need to be set manually as before. Maybe I can make a
> better solution or someone comes up with one.

I would suggest that version numbers for geeqie be decoupled from what
the CM tool being used this week wants to do.

Basically, when there is a release, there should be a number that
changes in the usual way, understandable to people that don't know about
git, and which can be compared by packaging tools.

If you do that by creating a release-1.4 branch in git, and then on the
branch commiting a change to configure.ac to be 1.4, and changing master
to 1.5.0 (or 1.4.80, something that means non-release) that seems easy

All of this may mean that github's automatic tarball stuff will be
unusable.  But it's unusable anyway, I think, because generated files
like configure should not be checked in but should be present in release

For developer use, there's no need for tarballs or generated files;
people can just git clone.

-gdt (user since at least 2004, mostly list lurker)

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