On Thu, 2016-11-17 at 07:53 +0100, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> […]
> I see no need currently to even think about a new build tool.
> Autoconf/automake serves what it is used for and it does it good. It
> would take many work to change to other one.
> From the fact that the man power is very limited, this is a big NO.

I was offering to do it, thus adding to manpower. However the gently
aggressive earlier reaction makes it clear that no-one active on Geeqie
wants the intellectual overhead of changing their build workflow. Fine
the project belongs to those who work on it.

> On the other hand, I never heard of meson. Nor do I know (without
> duckduckgoing) what "JetBrais CLion" is. IF there would be a need for
> other build tool, I would more vote for something widely used (ok,
> cmake
> is not that seldom). In the end, the chances would be pretty high
> that I
> would end with automake/autoconf again when sorting the pro and cons.

JetBrains is a company making IDEs one of which is CLion. It is a C and
C++ development environment that works very nicely. But only if CMake
is used as the build system.

Given your preference for Autotools, and presumably not have parallel
build systems, then that means use of CLion on this project is
impossible. Not a problem for the project, just a blocker for me
beginning to work on it. Of course this is not a problem for the

> So, for a new project, that would be something to think about. For a
> existing project, there has to be a pretty good reason to switch the
> build environment to something other with new bugs and new
> inadequateness.

The reason was progress, new tools, new contributors. The earlier
emails sapped my energy for contributing, so these emails will be my
last. I'm sorry it didn't work. Good luck for the future.

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