On 2016-12-24 15:00, Klaus Ethgen wrote:

> In any case. If we agree about a specific style, it should be
> configured via vim modeline in all files. Currently we have the
> following:

>    set shiftwidth=8 softtabstop=0 cindent cinoptions={1s:

> It is nothing more wrong than a mismatch of that options with the
> current used style. (Does someone here use different editor than vim
> that does not respect such a setting?)

I use Emacs.  The C style in Emacs is extremely customizable, but still
I can't say for sure there is a 1-1 mapping of the settings with the vim
style settings.

Other points:

- I strongly prefer spaces only indentation

- I too prefer K&R ish style (opening brace after keyword on the same

- I think it's helpful to code function declarations and calls like this:

foo_func (long arg)

  I mean in particular the hoisting of the return type on its own line,
  the space before the opening paren of the arg list declaration, and
  OTOH no space before the opening paren of the call.

- I am actually pretty religious about keeping to 80 chars per line.
  IMO if an expression is longer than that it needs to be factored
  anyway to be readable.  Of course some cultures (cough..Java) make
  this hard by adopting reallyInsaneLongDescriptiveNames, and then the
  people from such cultures move into your project ... ARRRGH!

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