On 12/14/2016 09:45 PM, Fred van Stappen wrote:
>>> I search for a way to assist showmessage().
>>> Do you have some idea ?
>> Must be implemented in the constructed widget. I'll take a look.
> OK, super. But mainly for the message of errors-waring system.
I think iassistiveclient.getassistiveflags() should provide more
information by extending assistiveflagsty (asf_textedit,
asf_graphicedit, asf_textdisp, asf_graphicdisp, asf_hasvalue,
asf_window, asf_container, asf_message, asf_errror, asf_warning,
Also useful could be "iassistiveclient.getassistivevalue(): variant" or
also "setassistivevalue(avalue: variant)" for speech recognition software.
Using "variant" type implies to link in the relatively big variants unit.

Do you have recommendations?


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