Henrik Holm wrote on 18 Mar 2002 10:14:29 +0100:
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage{amsmath}
> \usepackage[colormath]{texpower}
> \begin{document}
> Here is some displayed math
> \[
>   e^{-j\pi}+1=0
> \]
> and an equation
> \begin{equation}
>   x = y + z
> \end{equation}
> The equation doesn't get colored when amsmath is loaded (even if it is
> loaded before texpower).
> \end{document}


I have to admit the colormath code is among the most
fragile parts of TeXPower.
It tries to be as minimal invasive as possible, but 
in fact it seems impossible to do this kind of thing
without meddling with a lot of internals, of LaTeX
and of other package intruding into the same areas.
Of course, among other problems, this leads to the
unfortunate situation where any change in any external
package can break the whole thing down.

In this case, it seems the handling of the equation 
environment by amsmath has changed in version 2.x.
Before, it was redefined to be a variant of gather,
so it was handeled by the \everymath hack.
Now, it is treated as a normal displayed math

I've made a micro-update of texpower 0.08f which
now checks for amsmath 2.x. This is also updated
in the development version of texpower 0.0.9b at


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