I've been having problems with PXE boot on a Toshiba Tecra S1 that are
solved by 2.07-pre5. In addition to this version of MEMDISK, I also had
to disable USB legacy floppy emulation in BIOS. On this machine, the
"net diag /status < nul > \netdiag.txt" command in the autoexec.bat
seemed to hang for a long time, so I commented it out, and the
unattended process seems to work fine.

I don't know how people tend to use Unattended, but the following may be
of interest for anyone who wants to make it mobile, but hasn't switched
to a Linux laptop yet. I've got a mobile setup for taking my WinXP
laptop to end user sites and running unattended installations, either
via a cross-over cable or by plugging into a local hub/switch. In this
scenario, the target system is being configured to use a static IP
address, but it could be applicable to DHCP environments too.

I'm using a Dell Latitude C840, running Windows XP Pro. I've added a
FE575C-3Com 10/100 LAN CardBus-Fast Ethernet so that I can run
unattended installs on one interface while still connecting to a network
via the other, but this is not a compulsory requirement. The IP address
configured on the interface used must obviously be visible to the target
system after it has completed the first stage of OS installation,
otherwise the target won't be able to map the Z: drive.

I'm using the freeware TFTPD32 product as recommended on the Unattended
site to host the PXE image. I tried a couple of others, but this is the
only one that seems to support the "tsize" option. TFTPD32 has a
built-in DHCP server, but this had problems due to the PC making two
DHCP requests (one at PXE boot, one when starting TCP services) and
would not service the second request. I've opted for the free 5-client
version of DHCP Turbo Standard instead. The only scope variable is the
bootfile name - pxelinux.0

Since there is no WINS server available, I've primed the net\lmhosts
file of the undis3c.img with the IP address of the relevant network
interface, by modifying the bootdisk template. However If I need to make
changes to the image when away from the office, I can use WinImage.

So all I do is plug the second interface of my laptop into the machine
to be built via a cross-over cable, or into a switch on a statically
addressed network, perform a network boot and that's it - a fully
transportable unattended environment. I've managed to have 5 x Windows
2000 servers building off my laptop without noticeably affecting the
performance when I'm reading emails and looking at web pages.

My admiration for the Unattended system grows daily!


James Barlow
TRL Technology Ltd.
United Kingdom

DHCP Turbo Standard - 5-client version

TFTPD32 Homepage

WinImage [shareware]

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Replying to a very old thread...

I have just tried the version of MEMDISK from SYSLINUX 2.07-pre5.
Whatever the problem was with diskless laptops, the SYSLINUX folks have
fixed it.  Booting from CD/network on an Inspiron 8600, which fails with
the current version, works great with 2.07-pre5.

I will bundle the new version of MEMDISK in the next release of

 - Pat

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