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>> I guess that explains why you “retired” and moved to that “tropical" place. 
>> You sold your company and got rich. Congratulations! 
> There is a much different ending than you have given. I like your ending 
> better than mine though. Universal Health Care gives government the license 
> to put any number of businesses out of business (and hand it to their 
> cronies) no matter the cost to tax payers, patients, and the workers in the 
> system. Lets just say I saw it coming and saved for some years to get enough 
> to live in a third world country. I handed the keys over and walked away.

OMG! The Canadian government put you out of business? They forced you to sell, 
or did they just take it away? 

They have something in America called “eminent domain” — "the right of a 
government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with 
payment of compensation.” But this is only for “public use”. But that’s 
normally used for land and property. I’ve not heard of eminent domain being 
used to take a business away. Did they consider “health care services” to be 
“public use”? 

In any case this is terrible! To be stepped on by the government is the worst 
form of abuse any business can have. And I always thought the Canadian 
government was superior to the American government. This drastically changes my 
opinion now. 


Tim Nevels
Innovative Solutions

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