Keith, you may take a look at my presentation on 4D Methods, where I explain 
how I do what you’re asking for.

(sorry for the self-advertisement, but that is just one way of doing it, and 
FYI all that stuff is open source)

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> Hi all. 
> We have an extensive 4D system to which we want to provide summary overviews 
> and drill-downs via the web.
> I have a couple of questions I'm hoping somebody will be able to answer...
> Are you using 4Dv16 in a client server environment as well as providing a web 
> interface to the data?
> If so, we would like to know what software and plugins do you use to make the 
> web environment happen?
> - software and plugins for development?
> - software and plugins for deployment?
> - are you able to do the web development without getting the 4D programmer(s) 
> involved (apart from describing the data structure)?
> Thanks in advance, Keith

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