My overarching advice is start with the basics. No plug-ins, no javascript 
front end.

It’s interesting that people want you to add a javascript front-end. I’m 
working on some React stuff now, so there’s a place for it, but I’d suggest you 
wait until you need it and not start there.

1. No plug-ins to start, use native 4D. Not that other tools aren’t great, but 
if you don’t know why you’re using them, they won’t make sense. You can start 
with any text editor, like the others I like WebStorm. But that has a learning 
curve too. Visual Studio Code is cross-platform, free and is a nice balance 
between a text editor and a full blown IDE.

2. I prefer to put 4D behind Apache (others use Nginx) so that 4D only deals 
with data. Apache can be configured to deal with static content (images, style 
sheets, etc.). Especially if your site could be accessed by the world, use a 
web server in front of 4D.

3. You're displaying data. So, you’ll need to modify 4D access the data 
(queries) and send the right template/json back to the browser.

> On Mar 14, 2018, at 1:08 AM, Keith Goebel via 4D_Tech <> 
> wrote:
> Hi all. 
> We have an extensive 4D system to which we want to provide summary overviews 
> and drill-downs via the web.
> I have a couple of questions I'm hoping somebody will be able to answer...
> Are you using 4Dv16 in a client server environment as well as providing a web 
> interface to the data?
> If so, we would like to know what software and plugins do you use to make the 
> web environment happen?
> - software and plugins for development?
> - software and plugins for deployment?
> - are you able to do the web development without getting the 4D programmer(s) 
> involved (apart from describing the data structure)?
> Thanks in advance, Keith
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