Thanks for posting the link Lutz. I will dig into it deeper. It looks 

Tom Benedict  

> On Dec 10, 2018, at 01:26, Epperlein, Lutz (agendo) via 4D_Tech 
> <> wrote:
>> Maybe we need to consider moving team development from the centralized 4D 
>> Team
>> Developer model to a distributed model  using individual copies of 4D. That 
>> would
>> match the classic development model and practice which non-4D developers have
>> enjoyed for decades.... Is anyone doing
>> this yet? I would try it myself, but I’m not a Partner at this time.
> We have been doing something similar for some time with the VC_Framework 
> component. The original version of the component doesn't support the 
> re-import of code so we extended it with an import function for methods. The 
> procedure is a bit inconvenient, you have to do an additional step (the 
> import) manually after checking out the code from the versioning system 
> (Mercurial in our case) but it works flawlessly. We use this workflow and the 
> vc_framework component since 4d V13. Look here if you are interested: 
> A remark: we don't use it for forms. An export of forms is possible using the 
> VC_framework. But we don’t re-import  forms, since this is not possible 
> before 17R3. (And we don't do much GUI development in 4D, it is web 
> development mostly). It might be possible with 17R3 but we have to extend the 
> component again. If we start with 17R3 (or later V18) I think we will adapt 
> the component using the new features.
> Regarding this new features in 4D V17R3 I think they are based mainly on the 
> code of this component, the exported results look very similar. But a more in 
> depth test with the 17R3 we didn't do yet. 
> Regards 
> Lutz

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