Well, last night I tried to start the service on the client’s production 
machine and I could not get it to work.

After registering the service from 4D server, I tried starting the service from 
the Service Manager and it indicated that it had started up but I was unable to 
establish a connection using a 4D client. On my VM Interactive Services takes a 
while to show up in the task bar after a restart, but it eventually does. On 
the production server, it never makes an appearance. So I have no other way to 
see it the server is running properly. 

I then restarted the computer with the service set to start automatically. 
Again I was unable to establish a connection with 4D Client. I tried both 
manually and automatically a few times without success. Each time I tried to 
start up 4D Server normally and on at least one occasion 4D asked if I wanted 
to open the database in Read Only mode, which tells me the service had opened 
the datafile. On other tries, I was able to open the database normally.

A couple of other things to note.
        1. A year or so ago I was investigating the ins and outs of running as 
a service on this same machine and I was able to get everything to work.

        2. I have the service 4D’s Application Server listening on port 19816 
as I have another 4D server running a different database on the same box opened 
normally (not as a service) listening on port 19813. It only opens after the 
Admin user logs in. They both work fine together when both are opened normally.

        3. The service 4D is also running a web server which respond to 
requests from a Xojo WebApp running on the same machine. Those requests fail 
when 4D Server is supposedly 
running as a service.

        5. Finally of note is that when the Xojo WebApp is opened as a Service 
it will not open as it unexpectedly quits on startup. All of this, Xojo and 4D 
Server work just fine on my VM and all worked fine a year ago when I first 
started researching things on the production machine. The folks at Xojo suggest 
that my WebApp may be trying to access a file that the service does not have 
access to. Tonight I will be trying to get the Xojo service to work with no 
file access queries in the WebApps startup events.
I think that the inability to start both the Xojo WebApp and 4D as services is 
related and may be encountering an issue with the OS, which may have different 
updates than my VM. The production machine has been religiously updated by 
windows over the year,, my VM not so much.

Any suggestions?



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