On May 15, 2019, at 11:04 AM, Pat Bensky wrote:

> The issue with the design windows all closing was fixed in one R version
> but it seems to have reappeared. I'm on R5 and it SOMETIMES (randomly) does
> this.
> I've submitted a bug report (99591).

I’ve never used this preference. I drop in and out of Design and Application 
mode constantly by clicking on different windows. It would kill my productivity 
if I had to watch all my Design windows disappear and reappear each time I made 
a switch. 

I’m curious as to why people use it. Are you just a “neat nick” that when you 
go to test your application it bothers you to see the Design windows in the 
background?  Or is there some other value to this preference?


Tim Nevels
Innovative Solutions

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