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> Same workarounds: upon reboot (1) mask gpe0x6E, and (2) unload the
> int3403_thermal module. That does it for both my LGGrams 2022 and 2023. This
> can be elegantly done via a systemd service.
Thanks! I just posted the results of my saga above.

Could unloading int3403_thermal cause other issues?? I see you said it didn't
cause any issues for you, but I heard it could, so I'm not using it as part of
my solution (but I added it to the service file I shared, to help others)

> Note that, in my experience, unmasking gpe0x6E some time after reboot (as
> some have suggested) triggers the ACPI storm back on, so I prefer to leave
> it masked. I have not noticed any issues from any of these two workarounds.

I didn't quite understand this point and it feels important to me to understand
it. Could you be more precise as to what you're doing?
I thought the solution was to unmask... But you're masking it instead?

> Alternatively, you could go back to Windows! :-)

NO WAY! Argh! lol XD
I rather spend hours trying to patch this issue! ;)

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